Water is life!  But for the people of the Pine Ridge and Rosebud Indian Reservations, access to clean drinking water will be endangered if the KXL pipeline is approved.
The Mni Wiconi water pipeline provides potable water to the Reservations, where clean drinking water is unavailable.  The proposed KXL oil pipeline would cross the Mni Wiconi water pipeline in at least 3 places.  Close proximity to the KXL pipeline would severely weaken the safety of the Mni Wiconi line and make the water line more susceptible to corrosion and contamination.  A KXL leak (which all parties agree is inevitable) near the Mni Wiconi pipeline would be devastating.
Approximate course of the proposed Keystone XL pipeline
Mni Wiconi water pipeline (supplies clean drinking water to the Rosebud and Pine Ridge Indian Reservations)

11. Lake Traverse

12. Standing Rock

13. Cheyenne River

14. Pine Ridge

15. Rosebud

16. Lower Brule

17. Lower Brule

18. Flandreau

19. Yankton